Poverty In africa

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Uplifting Communal/Smallholder Farmers.


To solve food security in Africa, we bring to sub one-dollar-a-day

communal farmers

Increased Yields; Decreased Losses and

Increased Prices.

Bringing to them good business practices that commercial farmers take for granted and until now communal farmers could only dream about with No ‘Land Grab’.



According to Greg Mills in his book "Why Africa Is Poor":

Total Government and private aid flows from rich to poor countries was about $170 billion (about $170 per poor person) in aid per year by the end of the 2000's....

By the time it reaches the poor on the ground in Africa this huge amount has been reduced to about US$ 7 billion in total - that equates to about $7 per poor person !

why africa is poor

Is it little wonder given such a drop from circa $170 per poor person to $7 in Africa that the number 1 Millennium Development Goal (Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger) is proving so difficult to solve in Africa ? 

mdg results

So if Aid is not working - is 'Land Grab' the Answer?

(In an effort to ensure food security for themselves, countries have been buying up land mainly in Africa....) 


“....The most likely outcome of such agreements will be a loss of essential farmland without benefit to the local population....."

 - Olivier De Schutter, United Nations Special Rapporteur on the right to food.


There is another way to pull sub-Saharan Africa out of the Poverty Trap:

(....starting to be recognised by certain International Government Agencies - support businesses and through them uplift the very poor in a sustainable fashion.)

Over the last 5 years we have been involved in training, providing storage and bringing fair and decent markets to the Communal and Smallholder Farmers on 7 sites in 3 African countries (Zambia, The DRC and Zimbabwe). Our experiences have confirmed that there is really only one way in which to pull hard working communal Farmers out of the poverty trap they find themselves in ...... we must help them to do it themselves, on their own land.

Having seen the results of our efforts we were approached to bring our efforts to Mozambique to assist over 100,000 communal farmers who are part of an out-growers association. 


With that in mind we set up the Mozambique Silo Bag Limitada:

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*Uplift based on previous experiences in Zambia and The DRC and on the basis the farmers store with us.

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